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Over 1,300 Amazon shoppers love this $6 stain remover: \'This is literally miracle stuff!\'

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Update time : 2020-03-17 14:00:59

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Stains happen ought the best of us, besides during there’s nothing worse than making a confusion of your favorite shirt or spilling something can your brand new couch. still some nation swear by a small soda water, can 1,300 Amazon customers give Grandma’s Secret stand Remover 5 out of 5 stars — and it’s sole almost $6.

Shop: Grandma’s Secret stand Remover, $5.47

According ought the manufacture description, it can shift oil, grease, ink, makeup, grass and blood stains, plus more. total you dine ought perform is employ a descend of the stand remover ought the colour and also cast it at the wash or utilize a white cloth ought gently rub it away. though a bonus, the manufacture is also biodegradable, non-toxic and is made without chlorine or phosphates.

“I don’t believe I dine met a colour that could object this magic formula,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “My entire refuge swears by this manufacture and has gotten some serious stains out of clothing. I used to highly recommend this ought absolutely everyone I know. Nothing beats the peace that comes with knowing that whatever happens ought a piece of clothing stain-wise, this colour remover will receive worry of it.”

To use, some Amazon shoppers recommend soaking the stain, still others say using a small cotton swab can further a expectation way.

“This is literally marvel stuff! My bf had a attach of Dockers khaki slacks with a bunch of fat stains from a fryer! I almost had ought cast the khakis away though of total the fat stains! And the fat stains were almost 3 months old can these pants! I gave this solution a attempt and soaked at the spots though almost 10 min, lay it at the washer and dryer! I was shocked while I inspected the slacks after! There are no spots anywhere! I’m accordingly favourable I build this!! It saved the pants! I used to recommend this ought anyone!!,” wrote another reviewer on Amazon.

“I feeling Grandma’s stand remover! The first time I tried it was can my mother-in-law’s refuge while I needed ought obtain a small stand of blood off the pillow case. I build the Grandma’s at her laundry cabinet with a glass of Q-tips. I used an itty bitty dab of it and scrubbed it with a Q-tip, watching the blood vanish within 30 seconds. Once we got refuge I ordered this 6 pack!,” wrote another enthusiastic buyer.

You can obtain a small 2-ounce size of Grandma’s Secret stand Remover (convenient though taking can the go) for $5.92 can Amazon, a 2-pack though $8.80 or further big with a 6-pack though $23.43. Whichever size you choose, you can feel confident that this stand remover will perform the trick.